beauty-school drop out …

Ok, I wasn’t registered in beauty school.

But I did drop out today. What a horrible feeling. Doesn’t “drop out” seem like a bad thing? I seriously sat in front of my computer looking at the words “Drop class, 100% refund, no credit” beside each of my courses until my session timed out and I had to sign in again. Then I just cut to the chase and did it. I dropped out. I’m officially a drop out. Maybe I’m obsessing … but it kind of feels like failure. I don’t really “fail” at things. I REALISE Somebody is trying to teach me something. But that doesn’t really ease my uneasiness …

Sorry for complaining via my blog. Those of you who know me in person probably hear me complain way too much. But this is a big thing I am dealing with…even though it may seem silly to some.

 I researched some night classes for next semester so I am thinking I will take the fall off (again) and register for the winter semester, just one night class a week at the community college. It’s something.

On a happier note: I came home last night to find that my husband had started putting together my NEW DESK! I found some pretty stellar stuff for my office at IKEA and Superstore (of all places! I know!). It’s coming together nicely, I can’t WAIT for you to see the finished product!! I can’t wait to see it! Haha. I see it all in my mind, but to have it physically come together, that will be so fun! I’ve never spent this much time on one project before. Have I shown you the desk that I finally decided on? I can’t remember. But here it is. Plain and simple. (I could only find the style I had originally wanted in ROBIN”S EGG BLUE. Yeeeah … not so much with my pink theme.)

I’m also ordering fabric for the curtains soon. So fun!

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