a dash of glamour

This was my mantra for re-doing Shauna’s master bedroom. She approached me a few months ago with the project and [of course] I accepted. I pulled together a concept quickly, just because I know Shauna and her love for purple. And from there we started mentally building our project. It would be luxurious and glam, very femme and a tiny bit over the top. 

These past couple weeks really saw the project take off. I had a few big projects that needed to be tackled.

First, the purple feature wall where the bed would sit. [Don’t tell Samantha Pynn … apparently she HATES feature walls. I admitted I had one in my house to her. In PERSON.] 

We went with Behr’s Two-In-One Paint/Primer in Berry Wine

Second, the headboard. It was already upholstered in a nice green fabric. But, going with our theme, we wanted to amp it up a bit. I scoured fabric sites and ordered samples and we finally settled on Traditions Black and White from Tonic Living.

We also recovered her make-up table stool with the Traditions fabric. 

Shauna bought a dresser off Used Regina, and we painted it black and added shiny new hardware. 


This home was a new build … it’s just over a year old. All of the finishings are really nice. It was just kind of … dull. To be fair, these pictures were taken after things had been partially dismantled. Shauna is not a messy person at all! We were just about to start painting when I remembered “I should really take before’s on this…” And they were taken with my Blackberry. Quality.

View when you enter the room

Shoe Storage/Night Stand

Headboard/Make-Up Table Stool

Make-Up Table and Dresser


Ready? I’m so happy with the results. And Shauna was speechless. I’ve never seen that happen before …

View when you enter the room. [Shoe storage has moved to the boxes at the end of the bed]

Make-Up Table Area

New Dresser

Night Stand Number One

Night Stand Number Two

Jewellery Storage

[Empty space beside dresser for mirror. The one we found at Winners disappeared on us!]

Voila! My first official room make-over and design job. CHECK! 

on our way to victory

This weekend, I put the heat on to finish my home office. Jordan worked super hard and we are 95% done … I am so proud of the way it turned out! I love my new space.

It’s so relaxing and organized … 

All the little pieces came together nicely.

It’s a space I can truly call my own and I am so happy with it.

All that’s left to do now?

… Hang my gallery wall.  And that’s a fun project! I am so stoked that I finally have a place to sit and write blogs and browse Facebook and watch Project Runway that’s not in competition with a TV, another computer and apartment-complex noise. 

Pictures will be up as soon as the gallery wall is! Stay tooned. 

hand-made drapes and newly painted walls


Jordan fixed up the terribly damaged walls in the office this weekend. THEN he went above and beyond and painted, put new trim on AND hung my new drapes. (SIDE NOTE: I MADE these, in case you haven’t caught on to that yet … I know. Awesome.)

Not everything’s finished yet. But I wanted to show you that we HAVE made progress! (Finally!)

it’s here! it’s here!

My curtain fabric for the office is here!

Justine is giving me lessons on how to create tab-back drapes. I can’t wait!! 

fall fall fall fall fall fall fall fall

Minus all the rain we’ve been getting … it seems like fall has officially arrived. But it’s more like spring/fall … sprall? Maybe spralinter? It’s freezing today!

I know it’s kind of against the rules {of … ??} but I love fall. I love cozy sweaters and boots and skinny jeans.

And fall colours, too. Even though, as I cleaned out my closet a couple days ago, I realised I don’t have a ton of fall colours. I let my little sister go shopping in my closet. She is amazing and can turn any old thing into something beautiful. She just has talent for that sort of thing. But anyways. I cleared out a LOT of the clothes I don’t wear any more … so I now have license to fill in the Gap(s). {Haha, funny joke. Because I’ll probably get it all from the Gap. Right? No? Okay …}

And I also love that fall usually means getting back into routine. This past week was kind of crazy, but after this, things will be pretty “normal”. I’m excited …  I have goals for the fall, though. {Some are repeats of my “August Goals” post … but bear with me. Life always seems to slip away on me. And I’ve been super forgetful lately. Don’t know what’s up with me.}

1. Complete my office project. Even though I’m not going to school, I love creating a pretty space! And it’s coming together nicely. Just requires paint, shelving and …

2. Make my own curtains for the office! My fabric arrived yesterday … I’m so pumped!

3. I’m really trying to amp up my style. I am now an office dweller so I supposed I should get some more office-appropriate clothes. And I want to look put together even when I’m just hanging out. That’s just me.

4. Lose some weight (so my new clothes look nice).

5. Bake and decorate fancy cupcakes.

6. Throw a dinner party with fall comfort food.

7. Buy the perfect Christmas party dress for my office party.

8. Learn to walk in high heels without looking like an idiot. {haha}

Oh, also. I MUST tell you this story.

My co-worker moved here from the States about a year ago. She has lived 29 years. In those 29 years she has never, ever had Smarties! EVER! Isn’t that ridiculous? They don’t have them there … When I found this out I was flabbergasted. Who could live 29 years and not have ever eaten a Smartie?? Seriously. Ridiculous.

I told EVERYONE, because this is big news. And my OTHER co-worker brought her a box of Smarties yesterday so we could witness the very first Smartie passing her lips. It was epic. And she likes them better than M and M’s. So there.

beauty-school drop out …

Ok, I wasn’t registered in beauty school.

But I did drop out today. What a horrible feeling. Doesn’t “drop out” seem like a bad thing? I seriously sat in front of my computer looking at the words “Drop class, 100% refund, no credit” beside each of my courses until my session timed out and I had to sign in again. Then I just cut to the chase and did it. I dropped out. I’m officially a drop out. Maybe I’m obsessing … but it kind of feels like failure. I don’t really “fail” at things. I REALISE Somebody is trying to teach me something. But that doesn’t really ease my uneasiness …

Sorry for complaining via my blog. Those of you who know me in person probably hear me complain way too much. But this is a big thing I am dealing with…even though it may seem silly to some.

 I researched some night classes for next semester so I am thinking I will take the fall off (again) and register for the winter semester, just one night class a week at the community college. It’s something.

On a happier note: I came home last night to find that my husband had started putting together my NEW DESK! I found some pretty stellar stuff for my office at IKEA and Superstore (of all places! I know!). It’s coming together nicely, I can’t WAIT for you to see the finished product!! I can’t wait to see it! Haha. I see it all in my mind, but to have it physically come together, that will be so fun! I’ve never spent this much time on one project before. Have I shown you the desk that I finally decided on? I can’t remember. But here it is. Plain and simple. (I could only find the style I had originally wanted in ROBIN”S EGG BLUE. Yeeeah … not so much with my pink theme.)

I’m also ordering fabric for the curtains soon. So fun!

On Saturday I got to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: see inside a professional home builder’s personal home. This is the master suite. What do you think of this set up? I’m not sure. When I walked into the room, there was an immediate WOW factor. But looking at it again, I’m not sure about having that jacuzzi right on the carpeted area. There’s no tile surround or anything! Does that gross you out? Or do you think it would be OK?

a pretty start to monday

I recently bought a book called “Fabric”. And now, I am obsessed. I don’t have a sewing machine, which makes all of my big fabric plans a little … impossible. But until the day when I can afford one - I will dream. And use my mom’s.

Dear Readers/Blogosphere

I need your help picking a paint colour for my office. I’ve already chosen to stay in the brown/tan family - don’t try and sway me. (Or do … but at least give me a colour swatch or SOMETHING) Submit your votes in the comments!

Left to Right:
- Ganache
- Caraway Seed
- Spud
- Natural Twine
- Heath

Dear Readers/Blogosphere

I need your help picking a paint colour for my office. I’ve already chosen to stay in the brown/tan family - don’t try and sway me. (Or do … but at least give me a colour swatch or SOMETHING) Submit your votes in the comments!

Left to Right:

- Ganache

- Caraway Seed

- Spud

- Natural Twine

- Heath

a slight change in plans

On Monday, I went shopping. I was given a gift card to Winners HomeSense for my birthday that was burning a substantial hole in my pocket. I HAD to go in search of the perfect office inspiration. I was itching to start. So I hopped in Suzy’s car and she took me to Winners. We had many great ideas. Many moments where we held pillows up to to lamps and art up to pillows. Finally we settled on something that is so far from what I had originally planned for. Pink. Maybe more of an agressive salmon. Or a peach, even? But it’s definitely not what I had started with. I mean. It’s not going to be PINK, pink. Just white and cream with pink accents. I need to decide on a wall colour still. Good thing I have my Martha Stewart paint chips to sift through. But STILL. Pink! Who would have guessed this is where I’d end up?